A specialist leather expert at your service

Constant exposure to direct sunlight, excessive heat, dirt and body sweat cause harm to the leather interiors of the car and steal the dazzle the car.

The leather doctor can make your car seats and interiors look like new with its specialized service and materials. We mend stains, scratches, and tears using safe and tested chemicals and techniques honed over years of experience with leather and vinyl.

You can bring your car to our custom-built workshop and we guarantee you complete satisfaction.

Aircrafts operate under ideal temperature with zero exposure to nature’s harsh elements. However they are not immune to spills, natural wear and tear and do need to be refurbished to stay good. Consumers’ tastes change and the colour may get boring after a while.

The Leather Doctor has a dedicated team that specializes in maintaining and refurbishing aircraft interiors including, cabin seats, panels, and flooring. We, at Leather doctor, can offer the service either at our workshop or in your hangar depending on where it is more feasible.

Refurbish & Renew

Yacht interiors and decks are exposed to the harshest of weather conditions. The elements of sun, wind, and the salty sea form a lethal combination that can lead to rapid deterioration of leather interiors.

Leather Doctor combines technology and the best service to refurbish and restore the yacht interiors to its original glory. We repair and re-dye tears and scratches on leather seats and interiors, making the yacht look sparkling new.