I have something else I need help with

“I want to get rid of screw holes in my dash/console”

Looking to sell your car? It looks great all over…except for those irritating little holes where your phone holder used to sit. One quick call to The Leather Doctor to repair the holes and it could be the difference between a quick sale of your car or yet another I’ll think about it.

“I need to repair the crack in my dash”

If your precious car dash has a crack or there is a mark/stain on the leather of the door or dash, let it not bother you anymore. Our technician could be there in no time for an obligation-free survey and estimation.

“My steering wheel cover is loose”

A loose cover on your steering wheel  could be dangerous. Trust Leather Doctor to fix the problem permanently in as little as 30 minutes. Simple, cost-effective and quick.

“I’ve got a cigarette burn in my seat”

You thought you flicked it out… but it came back in and its journey has made a lasting, and unsightly, impression on your leather upholstery. Our unique repair process mends the damages leaving the signs of repair almost invisible.

“There is a rip in my caravan floor or awning “

Vinyl floors can get scratched or torn from time to time but there is no need to get the entire floor replaced. We can repair tears in vinyl floors, awnings and other items to have your caravaon looking its best.