My valuable sofa is sagging

Nothing is too small or too big for The Leather Doctor to fix.

We are a team of experts who help fix small to medium cracks and scratches, while handling large torn panels that can be replaced and colour-matched as per your requirement.

Are you sinking in to your sofa?

If you feel your sofa is sagging in to your sofa and does not offer a good posture and feel while resting on it, then it desperately needs new webbing.

Webbing is the support that runs across the sofa inside the frame, which can stretch or break as it gets older.

Add great comfort and solid back rest with new webbing.

Does your sofa have a broken arm or base?

The Leather Doctor is a specialist not just with leather materials but also with the entire furniture. We can bring damaged frames back to life. Think twice before dumping your furniture. One call to us can save your furniture from filling the dumpers.

Get a free house call from your local Leather Doctor when it comes to complete Leather (and fabric) sofa care and maintenance.