The Leather Doctor can save your furniture with skilled emergency treatments. Give us a call to find out how we can easily eliminate common problems such as animal scratches, stains, cracks and tears.

If your leather is in need of a clean, allow The Leather Doctor to professionally clean and condition your valuable furniture, extending its life and saving you time and money. We even offer a DIY solution for those who like to get hands on with their leather care.

Even serious damage such as a broken arm or base doesn’t have to mean the death of your lounge. We can quickly restore your furniture to perfect condition, fixing sagging seats and headrests, replacing panels and giving your furniture the care it needs

Call us today to find out how The Leather Doctor can make your furniture as good as new.

“I want to recolour my lounge”

For a fraction of the cost a new lounge, The Leather Doctor can prescribe a brand new colour for your tired leather lounge. The result is as dramatic as it is permanent. Guaranteed. And the colourful possibilities? Well… your imagination is the only limitation.

How long will my recolour last?

This will depend entirely on you and how you care for your leather lounge. Just like brand new leather the more regularly you clean and condition it, the longer your new recolour will last. Properly cared for our recolouring process will actually extend the life of your leather by years.

Will my colour come off on my clothes?

No. The recolouring process incorporates a special topcoat sealer (just like the original colour process on your lounge already) that not only locks in the colour but also protects your leather from moisture and potentially harmful stains.

Am I limited in my choice of colours?

Not at all. You can go from black to white, white to black and any colour in between. In fact the only limitation is your colourful imagination. If we can’t show you a colour that you like simply find a colour you love and we will match it. And it doesn’t have to be a leather sample either. The colour sample can come from anything and anywhere. We’ll even colour match your pet if you like.

What about a warranty?

Yes. All our recolouring work comes with a full 12-month warranty against faulty workmanship and products.

How long does it take to do?

The average three-seater lounge plus two single chairs takes approximately 10-14 working days. And once it’s complete it’s ready to be enjoyed straight away.

How much does it cost?

Every lounge is unique and so costs can vary considerably. For a free quote simply click here to find the Leather Doctor nearest to you and we’ll come to you – no obligation. No charge.

“I want to have my lounge professionally cleaned”

Is your lounge suffering from any of the following symptoms?

  • Dryness or stiffness
  • Build-up of dirt and grime in the leather grains
  • Surface cracking or grazing
  • Staining or shadowing
  • Or simply hasn’t been cleaned in at least 12 months

Then it’s time to contact The Leather Doctor for a professional clean and condition or you can buy our products and DIY.

Most people don’t give a second thought to having their carpets regularly cleaned but when comes to their leather lounges they don’t seem to share the same concern, despite the fact that a leather lounge can cost as much as the carpet – even more. Did you know that if you don’t regularly clean and condition your leather lounge it can rot? Basically the special topcoat sealers on your lounge’s surface will simply deteriorate and breakdown, allowing the leather to be exposed to harmful body sweats, acids and oils. It can also trap disease and germs, including dangerous mould and severely reduce the life expectancy of your leather lounge.

My lounge is in need of repair”

The Leather Doctor can repair many common lounge ailments.

Is your lounge cracked, scratched or torn?

Nothing is too small or large for The Leather Doctor to fix. Small to medium cracks and scratches can be easily repaired while large torn panels can be replaced and colour matched to your lounge.

Are you sinking into your lounge?

If you feel like you’re sinking into your lounge rather than sitting in it chances are it could need new webbing (that’s the supports that run across the lounge inside the frame that can stretch or break as it gets older.) You’ll be amazed at how much difference new webbing makes not just to your comfort but also to the health of your back.

Does your lounge have a broken arm or base?

It might look like the death of your lounge but before you call the mortician call the Doctor. The Leather Doctor specialises in bringing the impossible back to life and damaged frames are our speciality.

If you have a macrosude lounge we can take care of it’s health in many ways too. We can:
  • Repair tears and scuffs
  • Repair frame damage
  • Clean and deodourize
  • Apply fabric protection

Chances are it’s time for a free house call from your local Leather Doctor. From a small stitching that’s come loose to a headrest that just doesn’t feel as fully padded as it used to, The Leather Doctor is your GP of choice when it comes to complete Leather (and fabric) lounge care and maintenance.

“I have something else I need help with”
Their are many services The Leather & Vinyl Doctor can perform:
  • Repairs to Leather and Vinyl furniture and objects of all types eg. jackets, golf bags, vinyl floors etc.
  • Indentations in your furniture
  • Seperating stitching
  • Rotting Leather
  • Leather stretching
  • Scratched or torn vinyl flooring.
  • Pet Damage: Scratches, chew marks, urine etc

Customer Comments

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    "“Being a manufacturer and importer of leather sofas, we occasionally experience scratches, scuff’s & damages to our stock during transit. The Leather Doctor is now responsible for all of our repairs and they also offer a great service to our existing customers who have mishaps with their leather furniture or who just want a regular clean and conditioning done to their leather furniture.” " Keven Akarpinar, Operations Manager, MOBILIA AUSTRALIANA DESIGNS, Dubai UAE.

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