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Hotels, restaurants, public areas and corporate offices reflect the image and appearance of your business. Ageing furniture that is unkept and uncared for can mar the image of a successful organisation.

The Leather Doctor customizes its services to suit your needs to help maintain, clean, condition, repair and restore your leather furniture to ensure it keeps looking in a near new condition.

Speak to us about adhoc cleaning and repair or we can even arrange for an annual maintenance contract for larger regular requirements.

Call (04 3806880) today to find out more about the services provided by The Leather Doctor. You may also get in touch with us for a free quote.

Have you got experience in repairing leather hotel furniture?
The Leather Doctor was the first leather repair company to introduce the service of cleaning and maintaining leather hotel furniture in the UAE. Since 2011 most of the leading hotel brands in the UAE have been using The Leather Doctor to keep their furniture in tip top shape. We have worked with Hilton, Radisson, Jumeirah Group, Emaar, IHG, Kempinski and many others over the years and they continue supporting us due to our professionalism and capacity to complete jobs in the scheduled time and on budget.
Will your work cause disruption to our daily operations?
We will adjust our work schedule according to your requirement, we understand that Hotels, Restaurants, Offices and other corporate entities may require their repairs to be done at odd hours and either onsite or offsite with minimal disruption if any at all to your day to day operations. Our operations department will schedule and co-ordinate with you as necessary to ensure we execute your job with precision and integrity.
Do you maintain furniture for restaurants?
Restaurant furniture repair and maintenance is a regular activity for The Leather Doctor. We have a wealth of experience in this field and can offer you the best solution to either clean, repair, maintain or re-upholster your dining furniture. Contact us and we will be happy to visit and consult with you onsite.
Can you repair & maintain office furniture?
Office furniture can be cleaned, repaired or re-upholstered. From office chairs, sofas, waiting chairs, to leather inserts on desks and upholstery of fabric panels The Leather Doctor can assist you in keeping your office looking like new and modern.

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